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My Solo Exhibitions
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My 1st Solo Exhibition
Tehran, IRAN
Daargoun Art Gallery

“To be” one must become and “to become” one must be…
Isn't this the case that man is condemned to be human and to exist one needs to become, and to become one needs to web, and to web one needs to release, and to release one needs to crawl in silence; inside the inner self, loneliness, inside the opportunity of intentional solitude, inside of a strict rational imagination with all the hidden selves; countering what and who; to recapture the self from the inner-self?
Is it possible to forget the wounds?
Is it possible to forget the pain?
Is it possible not to see the nightmare of memories snoring?
Is it possible to be geography and not history?
Is it possible to be history and not human?
Is it possible to become but not to exist in a continuous cycle in the continuity of a self?
How to be? How to becom?

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